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Celebrate Rabbit Adoption Month with DIY Toys!

September is Rabbit Adoption month and for all the bunny lovers and owners out there we are featuring three DIY toys from Bunnyapproved. These toys are easy and affordable to make and your bunny will love them.

Bunnies are like any other pet and they love to play! Toys help to keep them active and thinking. It does not take a lot to create a toy to entertain a bunny: few toilet paper rolls, bunny snack food, scissors and strings. You can turn feeding time into play time with these fun and interactive toys and games.

1 2 3

Click the image to see it full size and start crafting your own bunny toy. For more DIY toys for bunnies check out Bunnyapproved.

If you are looking to adopt a bunny friendly furry friends visit our website to view all our lovely adoptable bunnies.

Do you make your own bunny toys ? Send us your pictures!

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Pets are fun! Pets are funky! So who on earth wouldn’t want a pet monkey?

Earlier this month, we discussed the differing definitions for “exotic” pets. Today, we’re bringing you an article that one of our Humane Education staffers wrote for our kids club after one student asked if a monkey would be a good pet.

Pets are fun! Pets are funky! So who on earth wouldn’t want a pet monkey?

Most of the animals we keep as pets today are domesticated animals. Domesticated animals have been selectively bred by humans to have certain traits and often act or look different from wild ancestors. Dogs, cats, cows, horses, chickens and some types of rabbits are all examples of domesticated animals. Animals that are commonly bred by humans but still have “wild” instincts are sometimes called semi-domesticated animals. Snakes and parrots are examples of semi-domesticated species and are common exotic pets. Finally, some people may own tamed animals. Tamed animals have become used to humans but are wild animals at heart. Continue reading…

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A Rare Sentence of Incarceration After Abuser Found


Calgary, AB – August 28th, 2014

On August 26, 2014, Valerie PENNY, 52, of Calgary, pleaded guilty to willfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to a Chihuahua dog named “Chewy” and was sentenced to 60 days incarceration, 6 months probation and a 10 year prohibition from owning or caring for animals.

The charges stemmed from an incident on August 27, 2012 where witnesses observed PENNY throwing the small dog off a second floor balcony into a fence and then again over the fence causing injury to the dog. “Criminal Code charges were warranted here due to the violent nature of the crime,” said Brad Nichols, Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations with Calgary Humane Society. “Incarceration reflects the concerning nature of the offense and the prohibition will ensure that future animals are spared similar fates.”

“Chewy” was able to be rehabilitated and adopted into a new, safe home, even getting to visit Santa Claus for photos at Calgary Humane Society’s Christmas Party for the Animals.

Chewy and his adoptive Mom, Sylvia.

Calgary Humane Society encourages the public to call 403-205-4455 if they witness an animal in any situation where they are being abused or neglected. All information provided remains confidential.
image image1

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Back to School: For Fido!

back to school

Is it autumn already? Time for boots, scarves and back to school!

Classes aren’t just for humans: puppies and dogs can also benefit from educational classes. The classes are fun sessions of training and socializing for your dog. The Calgary Humane Society (CHS) offers many different classes whether you want to train your puppy, need help with your reactive dog or want to do agility together, there are classes for everyone. CHS has over 10 different classes and each has either 6, 7, or 8 weekly sessions depending on the class.

Classes are interactive and educational, they not only help with training, but also reinforce the owner/dog bound. Taking the time to educate your dog positively is a short time commitment with long-term results. Some of our popular classes are:

Precocious Puppies: A great class to get a good start for the most important skills for your puppy. This class Continue reading…

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What is an exotic pet?


Hello CHS Supporters!

We hope you are enjoying our combination exotics/reader request month so far. All August we will be focusing on some of the more exotic animals at Calgary Humane Society and also answering your questions, so if you have an interesting species you would like to see profiled, or if you have a question you would love to see answered on the blog, let us know by commenting below or posting on our Facebook group!

Today, in honour of exotics month here on the blog, we wanted to tackle the important question… What the heck is an “exotic” pet anyways?

If you have found yourself wondering this you are not alone! In fact, we found several different definitions while looking for the answer!

  1. Anything that isn’t a cat or a dog. This definition is the one we use at Calgary Humane Society. For us, an exotic pet is anything that is not a cat or a dog. Why? Well, it’s to help us communicate with our adopters. Many veterinarians will only see cats and dogs. This means if you are adopting something else, you may need to hunt around for a vet. When someone is thinking of adopting we will encourage them to make sure they have access to an ‘exotics’ veterinarian that will treat the species they are thinking of adopting.
  2. Domestication. In some articles about exotic pets, ‘exotic’ is used to talk about any species that is not fully domesticated. Domestication is a process in which animals are selectively bred to create a new species that is genetically different from the original population. Typically when you are talking about domestication, these animals are selectively bred to be dependent on humans as well as selectively bred for appearance. There are many animals, like birds and snakes, that could be considered “semi-domesticated”. This means that humans have started the process of domestication, but it is not complete yet. “Semi-domesticated” animals are often less reliant on people and display more “wild” animal behaviors.
  3. “Unusual, rare or interesting”. This definition was one of more subjective definitions we found. Certainly, unusual, rare or interesting is the definition of exotic, but who is to say what is interesting? Also, what is unusual or rare in one place may not be that rare or unusual in another place. While this definition may be subjective, it does a good job of highlighting the fact that an exotic pet in Canada may not be all that exotic in Australia!
  4. Illegal pet trade. This is probably the weakest definition for ‘exotic’ pets because it does not capture the full range of exotic animals but rather only the ones that are illegal as pets. This definition is also weak because different locations have different rules regarding what can be kept as a pet.

So… what’s an exotic pet? Well, that’s going to depend on the article you are reading. That being said, at Calgary Humane Society you will likely see the word ‘exotic’ used to describe anything that is not a cat or a dog, even if the animal we are talking about is a common pet. We have chosen this definition to reflect the specialized vet care and husbandry that these animals require.

Do you have a different idea of what an ‘exotic’ pet should be? Is there a specific exotic pet you would like to see featured on the blog this month? Let us know by commenting below or posting on our Facebook group!

Looking to add an exotic critter to your family? Calgary Humane Society has many to choose from! Check out the adorable adoptables on our website or visit our adoptions department to see them in person!

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Myth Busting: Snake Edition!


Ahhh, August… the wonderful month where the sun is bright and the air is warm. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the heat over the past few weeks. Here at Calgary Humane Society, our human staff have mixed reviews (scrubbing down dog runs in 30+ degree heat is thirsty work!) but many of our animals have been loving the warm weather. In fact, our warm August weather is a sssssssssuperb climate for the ssssssspecies we’re talking about today… the sssssssnake!

That’s right! This often misunderstood species is our exotic of the day here on the blog and we hope that after reading you’ll understand little more about these cool critters. Check out some of the most popular sssssnake mythssssss below!

Myth 1: Snakes are slimy Continue reading…

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The Cat ‘I Love You’

The Cat 'I Love You'

Good morning CHS supporters!

Welcome to “everything but the paw spa sink” month on the blog! This is the month were we discuss all things exotics and also feature article topics requested by YOU! If you have a topic you would like to see on the blog this month, suggest it below or on our Facebook page!

A couple of weeks ago we put out the call for topics, and someone suggested that we don’t have NEARLY enough on cat behavior on the blog! Gary VanMeowski, our office cat, apparently agreed with this because he threatened to delete all the other suggestions until we agreed to write more articles about cats. So, today, thanks to Gary’s “helpful” encouragement we are bringing you one of the most interesting and important cat behaviors… the cat “I love you”!

Eye Contact for Cats

Humans love to make eye contact. Even from an early age, children are taught to look at someone when they are talking and to make eye contact with important people. In fact, Continue reading…

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Why Calgary Humane is an Animal Welfare Organization

Good morning CHS supporters! We hope you had a great July! So far the summer is busy with our summer camps in full swing here at the CHS. Our summer camps are mostly sold out, but there may be a space or two left! If you have an animal loving child in your life, visit our website to check availability.

Summertime also marks prime vacation time! If you are heading out on family holidays, make sure to keep your pet safe! Read our tips on travelling with your pet here.

July is also the height of kitten season, making it the “purr-fect” time to add a friendly feline to your family. Check out some adorable adoptables here. Thank you to everyone to attended our emergency cat adoption event. For those who missed out, we will have our Cattastic Summer Pawty in August, so we hope to see you there!

July has been Protection and Investigation month here on the blog, and we hope you have learned a little bit more about how animal protection works in Calgary and the surrounding area. Today on the blog, we are going to attempt to answer one of the most common animal welfare questions we are asked by explaining a little more about Calgary Humane Society’s mandate and what that means in terms of our practice.

Each week, we get many questions from our supporters about what kind of activities Calgary Humane Society will engage in to promote and protect animal welfare in Alberta and we are often asked if Calgary Humane Society will lend support to a particular cause or petition. We also get a lot of questions about what our mandate is and what makes us an animal welfare organization compared to an animal rights organization. Today on the blog, we aim to explain the difference between animal rights and animal welfare, and let you know a little more about how this impacts our animal protection work!

Calgary Humane Society is an animal welfare organization, not an animal rights organization. As an animal welfare organization our role is to ensure that Continue reading…

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Photo Contest: How I Met My Human


Finding a forever home for all animals at the shelter is our goal and we are so happy to hear about how they are doing in their new home!

Whether you adopted your loved one last week or 10 years ago, we would love to hear your story.

Photo Contest: HOW I MET MY HUMAN


How to participate:

  1. Print the PDF available here, fill it in and take a picture of your pet with the sign. You are welcome to be in the shot with your pet(s), but it is not a requirement!
  2. Send the photograph + your CHS Adoption story (300 word limit) to happy.tails@calgaryhumane.ca by Sunday August 10th at 6 pm.  
  3. We will create a Facebook album and voting will take place Monday August 11th to Tuesday August 19th at 2pm. The submission with the most ‘likes’ will be crowned our winner! (Remember, we’re only counting ‘likes’. Feel free to comment, but they won’t be counted to the submissions total). You may ‘like’ as many photos as you want!

(A quick note: please do not send your submission to us via Facebook, for some reason we don’t get everything you guys post or message and wouldn’t want to miss your story!)

You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your story. One photograph submission per person, so if you have multiple animals from CHS, ensure your one photograph includes them all!

The winner of the contest will receive two tickets to Cocktails for Critters on Saturday, November 1, 2014 (a $350 value!) at Hotel Arts.

Interested in attending Cocktails for Critters? Visit our website and purchase your early bird tickets today!

(Conditions: animal(s) must have been adopted from Calgary Humane. The photograph must include the CHS contest sign. Please get votes the ‘old-fashioned’ way (share and tweet to friends and family to vote) and don’t use websites like Reddit to promote your story – these submissions will be deleted. Photos submitted to contest may be used for future shelter promotions)

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5 Apps for Pet Lovers & Pet Owners


At the Calgary Humane Society we love technology, so we wanted to share with you our 5 favorites App for pet owners and pet lovers.

1.  Weather Puppy and Weather Kitty
What could possibly be cuter than starting off the day checking the weather and a cute puppy or kitten?  Weather Puppy/Kitty is a free app for iPhones that allows you to check the weather in the cutest way possible. It has over 600 cats and dogs depending on the times and the weather and you can even upload picture of your own pet. There are 18 cute themes such as Halloween, Summer Fun, Yoga Dogs, Grumpy Cat, Winter Wonder…

2.  Bring Fido
Bring Fido is an app available on iPhones that will allow you to find pet-friendly hotels, trails, beaches, etc. It is a free app and it has pretty good ratings. The app allows you to search groomers, sitters, veterinarian and pet supply store, you can even add new location and post picture of your pet. Plus Bring Fido connects you directly with pet-friendly hotel, show their pet policy and contact information.

3.  PetMD
Another free app! PetMD is made for cat and dog owners. You can enter pet’s symptoms and find information about possible illness. PetMD gives info on the condition, the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Remember that this is just an app and if you notice something unusual, this diagnosis does not replace going to the vet and getting your furry friend checked out in person. Also don’t assume the worst: if your dog has bad breath he or she probably does not has cancer – just needs a better dental care routine! This app is available on iPhones and Androids.

4. Pet Phone
The Pet Phone app is pretty functional: it tracks your vet appointment, medications, allergies, weight and food preference for your pet. You can have more than one pet registered and add a picture so you don’t get confused. It is easy to use and definitely helpful to track all this info about your pet. This app is only available on iPhones and it is $2.99.

5.  MapMyDogWalk
This app is modeled after the app MapMyRun. It is made for dog owners who like to track how much they walk, you can also track calories and map your favorite routes using GPS. The great news is that it is available on both iPhones and Androids, and it is free!

Tell us: what are your favorite pet-centric apps?

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