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Abby for Dog Jog 2014!

Abby for Dog Jog 2014!HELLOOOOO Friends!

It’s me, Abby!

I am SO EXCITED to be the official “spokesdog” for this year’s event. Fame, fortune, snacks… what more could a dog want?! Well, actually, I know what else I want… a home for every animal that doesn’t have one. That’s why my mom and I are hitting the Dog Jog trails this year! Continue reading…

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Volunteer Profile: Behavior Class Assistant

What do you get when you combine between eight to eighteen excited owners with their canine sidekicks in one classroom? Chaos without the help of our amazing Behavior Class Assistants!

BX ClassApril is Volunteer Month on the blog and today we bring you the inside scoop on volunteering with Calgary Humane Society by profiling a few of our fun, fabulous and unique volunteer roles!

If you have ever been to one of our many CHS training classes (we offer over 20 each week!), you may have met one of our volunteer Behavior Class Assistants! These faithful volunteers can often be found assisting with all aspects of a class. Volunteer Tiffany has been a behavior class assistant for about 7 months and describes her role as including:

“I distract dogs so that owners/clients can focus [on what is being taught], observe clients during activities and reiterate class exercises. I also calm and reassure clients and their dogs, clean up after class and provide water bowls for thirsty pups.” Continue reading…

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Hello Peoples, Gary here.

Official CHS shelter cat, premiere advice columnist and feline extraordinaire. It has recently been brought to my attention that dogs have been heavily favoured in the election for “spokesanimal” for our events… most recently you will notice that some dog named Abby was elected the face of Dog Jog this year.

This is unacceptable.

I have demanded recounts and logged an official complaint that certain ballot boxes appeared stuffed during the last spokesanimal election. My complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

I will remain silent no more. Continue reading…

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Happy National Volunteer Week from your friendly Volunteer Coordinator!


Happy National Volunteer Week, everyone! 

According to Volunteer Canada, there are 13.3 million volunteers that should be celebrated this year. Here at CHS, we have over 600 active volunteers and foster parents that deserve a special thanks from all of the CHS ‘residents’ that came through our doors this past year requiring support as well as from the staff. 

As the Volunteer Coordinator, the favourite part of my job is seeing how my team directly impacts our mission: to help as many animals as we can. Over the past year, I have observed some truly incredible contributions from our team.We have over 25 different core volunteer roles that offer an average of 48 hours of volunteer support PER DAY to our animals. Our volunteers support EVERY department in the shelter (either directly or indirectly). They are doing laundry and dishes, offering enrichment visits to the animals, assisting our Adoptions staff with adoption visits, greeting visitors at reception, presenting at local schools, supporting our Animal Health team with surgeries and appointments, feeding the littlest of kittens, lending a hand in our Behaviour department, helping us to keep our files and records up to date, organizing our Foster Supply Room, the list goes on… Continue reading…

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My POV: SW discusses the true cost of fostering (and it isn’t cheap)

My POV is a supporter submission series on the Calgary Humane blog. Each of our supporters have unique experiences at the shelter and the ‘My POV’ series is an attempt to allow people to tell their stories and give people a fresh take on animal welfare.

MY POV: the 'Shouldn't Be Left Unsupervised' series

SW is a 50-something accounting professional who volunteers her time at the shelter as an experienced dog walker. Her clients include the big brutes, the ones who lack manners, the ones who are overly energetic or the ones who are super shy. SW also opens her home to animals in need and is a foster parent to many. Following the loss of her two beloved canines in the summer of 2013, she made her way to CHS with the intention of adopting a dog. Instead of walking out with a new doggy friend, SW left with an application to become a dog walker. Although she claims to be a dog person, we have recently talked her into fostering cats.

After having a few fosters under my belt now I have a whole new appreciation of the CHS Foster Parents – kudos to you people.

I was wondering – what does it really cost to foster?  You provide the love and care while the CHS provides all the supplies and vet care needed so what costs would you incur?

There are a few costs CHS is not able to cover however………. 

  • A foster dog was very interested in watching the TV – of course I turned on the Animal Planet channel.  Oh look – a documentary on wolves – that dog was standing up on his back legs in front of the TV swiping at the wolves before I realized my error.  Continue reading…
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Pick a Pet – Part 4: Home… the Final Frontier!

Part Four

Today we bring you the fourth and final installment on how to choose a new pet to join your family!

Over the past month you have examined your lifestyle, researched your options, done a family pet “trial run” using a stuffed toy, narrowed your options, visited some potential pets and now you have reached the final frontier… bringing your brand new pet home to your excited family. Continue reading…

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Welcome to Dog Jog 2014!


GET OUTTA MY WAY! It’s time for DOG JOG 2014 and I have some SERIOUS training to do!

Time to get the ol’ paws moving and get my mom off the couch! My name is Abby and I have been named the OFFICIAL “Spokesdog” for Dog Jog 2014! YEEEHAW! Fame… fortune… treats… what more could a dog want?!

There was some serious competition for Spokesdog this year and my story was only one of many incredible happy endings… but I had a special campaign secret! This year the world gathered for a sporting event that is very special to me… the Paralympics! You thought I was going to say Olympics right? Well, I like those too… but the Paralympics are extra special for me because I am a blind athlete!

In addition to being a superb athlete, I’m also known for my charitable work. Remember earlier when I asked what else a dog could want? Well I happen to know from experience that the best thing in life is a loving family. Calgary Humane Society made that dream come true for me, so this year I want to give back.

My goal is to raise $185,000 to help Calgary Humane Society save more pets like me. My story started a few years ago, when I was just a puppy living in a cramped and dirty garage with many other dogs. Calgary Humane Society saved me from a life of neglect and abuse. After I was rescued, I spent time in a foster home and it was there that my mom (that is me and my mom in the photograph below!) discovered that I couldn’t see.

How did I go from helpless blind puppy to Superstar Spokesdog? Well it’s a pretty neat story… and I’ll be sharing the whole thing with all my fellow friends and joggers as we get geared up for Dog Jog 2014!

I cannot reach my goal alone, but together I know we can do anything! Last year Dog Jog raised $170,000! This year, I’m setting the bar even higher! This year, we’ll raise enough to…

  • Buy 610,000 cups of dog food!
  • Provide 410 pets with a 21 day Pet Safekeeping program to protect them from domestic violence!
  • Neuter 1,230 cats!!!

Join me in changing the world, one pet at a time! Sign up today and start training for the big day! Join my team before April 26th to take advantage of HALF PRICE early bird registration!

Time for a run! I can’t wait to see you at DOG JOG on June 8, 2014!

Love, Abby

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Calgary Humane Society Makes History Appointing Feline as Executive Director


Calgary, AB – April 1, 2014

The Calgary Humane Society’s board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Van Meowski as the new executive director at Calgary Humane Society. Van Meowski has been with the organization for just over 3 years, most recently in the role of office cat.

Calgary Humane Society Board President Deanna Steblyk stated the appointment would, once again, place Calgary Humane Society on the leading edge of animal welfare. “We are always looking for new ways to innovate and this is just an example of that,” said Steblyk.

Steblyk states that the board feels Van Meowski’s leadership will bring a new perspective and innovative insight into the work that Calgary Humane Society does. “Calgary Humane Society has always been leaders in the field of animal welfare, Continue reading…

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5 Awesome Animal Facts to Amaze Your Kids With!

5 Awesome Animal Facts to Amaze Your Kids With!

It’s the last week for kids and animals month on the blog, so today we wanted to bring you a few fun facts that you can use to amaze the kids in your life and inspire them to find out more about the amazing array of animals that share our world. Click on the green text to seem the amazing animals in action!

  1. Cool Camouflage! An octopus can change its colour and skin texture to match its surroundings… making them all but disappear!
  2. Under Water Weapons! The pistol shrimp can use one claw to create “sonic booms” under water that have been compared to “bubble bullets”. These “booms” stun the pistol shrimp’s prey when they hunt! The explosion that results in this “boom” also creates a flash of light underwater!
  3. Masterful Mimicry! The northern white-faced owl can “transform” when faced with larger owls to appear more threatening by either puffing up or flattening feathers down to look like a hawk!
  4. Flying snakes?! Yep. That’s right. Flying snakes. The Paradise Tree Snake can “jump” from trees and glide through the air for up to 300 feet to escape from predators!
  5. Creative Copycats! The superb lyrebird does not have a song of its own… the males will “create” a song by copying all of the other sounds they hear from other birds. Unfortunately, as humans have encroached on the lyre bird’s territory the lyre bird’s song has morphed to include camera shutters, car alarms and even the sounds of foresters cutting down trees. This creative song-maker is a poster-bird for the importance of conservation!
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How Kids Can Help Homeless Animals!


It’s hard to believe that March is almost over! Don’t worry though, we still have a few more entries to bring you about kids and pets. I hope you have enjoyed the activity suggestions so far!

Today on the blog, we bring you a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts, and one that is often asked when parents contact our Humane Education department: “How can kids help homeless animals?”

Why should kids get involved in helping others?

Simply put, helping others feels good, but it also builds important skills! When kids are able to help others and see the results they are learning and developing skills and values like: Continue reading…

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