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Calgary Man Found Guilty and Sentenced After Three Year Wait

Calgary, AB – March 5, 2014

On March 4, 2014 Joseph Michael HOGAN of Calgary was found guilty at trial and sentenced to a $5000 fine and a lifetime 3 animal limit. The charges stemmed from the April 2011 seizure of 34 Pit Bull dogs from HOGAN’s NE residence. Upon execution of a search warrant, Calgary Humane Society Peace Officers found the animals to be in distress as a result of inadequate space, water and lack of medical care.

“The duty of care is no different for one pet dog than it is for dozens of breeding stock. The Animal Protection Act outlines basic minimum requirements to keep animals from being in distress. In this case there was a history on non-compliance regarding deficiencies in water, space and medical care leading to the removal of dogs, charges and ultimately conviction.” says Brad Nichols, Manager, Cruelty Investigations “It is important for breeders to take note and provide adequate care to all of their animals.”

Calgary Man Found Guilty and Seteneced After Three Year WaitCalgary Man Found Guilty and Seteneced After Three Year Wait

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31 Responses to “Calgary Man Found Guilty and Sentenced After Three Year Wait”

  1. Laura Meier

    I’m happy he got convicted but there should be a ban against him owning animals again.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. He should never be allowed animals. What a cruel thing to do! Poor puppies :(

    • Sandi

      Why would they allow him to have an animal ever again?? The charges laid for these crimes must be more severe. Someone is going to have to keep and eye on him and make sure this never happens again. He should be in jail.

    • Anonymous

      I agree….I am happy he was charged but he should not be allowed to own animals again.

    • Anonymous

      Very much so–he doesn’t know that they are companions!

    • Millie

      Your right Laura, and who is going to monitor this situation to make sure he abides this ruling? Stupid Judge, they have the power and screw it up everytime!

  2. Hayley

    This idiot shouldn’t be allowed ANY dogs let alone 3! And he should serve jail time! There needs to be more justice for our animals because people are getting away with too much for way too long. This disgusts me. These dogs were clearly abused and kept for selfish purposes and were probably over bred without proper testing done to ensure temperament and health issues within the blood line. Absolutely heart breaking. I hope all these pups find good homes because they deserve it.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you !! Where is the justice for our four legged friends !!

  3. Anonymous

    3 Animal limit?? This man should never be allowed to own another animal again. If he does it once, he’ll do it again.

  4. Fernlilly

    That’s man should not be allowed to own a pet ever !!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    and……. why is he allowed to still own animals????????

  6. Anonymous

    Seriously…..ONLY 5000 and 3 dog limit……what the heck is wrong with justice system….he shouldn’t be allowed to have any dogs….DISCUSTED..

    • Sari

      Children and animals do not count for anything in the Canadian Injustice System!

  7. Catherine

    I am the proud guardian of the dog you see with the hole in her face.
    She has since been renamed and now lives a life of luxury with two other Pit bulls and a dachshund.
    she is a big loveable baby, who in spite of the horrors she lived through was still willing to trust humans.
    She was very dog reactive, understandably, but with time and patience and consistency she has become an ambassador for the breed.
    I agree Michael Hogan’s penalty seems light and I agree he will probably find a away to get around it and do this again, but the folks at Animal Protection Services did a great job in putting this case together and helping to save as many of those dogs as possible.
    I am sure we will read about this man in the headlines again.
    I am hugging my pit bulls just a wee bit tighter today.

    • Martha

      Bless you and bless your girl. Hug her for all of us.

    • Cathy

      Hi Catherine:

      We adopted one of the puppies from this case and she looks identical to your female in the pictures. She is a wonderful dog and has a very sweet temper, we love the breed so much we recently rescued another pit/mix. If you want to reply to me within email address I will send you some pictures of her the resemblance is incredible!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for rescuing that lovely dog. It is a relief that that man was caught, glad he is being punished… It certainly is not enough. Disgusted that he will be permitted to own animals again. Makes no sense.. But even if he was banned he would still find a way. Makes my heart break. I have a beautiful dog I rescued from the humane society 6 years ago, he was skin and bones when I got him and I am certain he too was abused. He too has the best life ever and has captured my heart. Yes, a hug to your new addition please!!! You are good people :)

    • Anonymous

      I am also hugging our boy Luke a little bit tighter, who is also one of the 34 dogs from this story.

  8. Anonymous

    Since he raised these dogs to fight you should of thrown him in the cage…that just pisses me off that he got off so lightly. Should of thrown away the key. Stupid Asshole!

  9. vitalia

    I was so quick to response with anger but than I got to thinking that there was absolutely no write up on the person who did this and I realized that I have no idea who the person is. For all I know, this person could have some serious mental/psychological issues where they truly loved the animals but it got so out of hand they couldn’t care for all of them and in that case, they should be getting help.

  10. C Buscholl

    Laws and justice are all in the favour of criminals. The worse the crime the easier they get off on “technicalities”. And it seems when it comes to animals it’s always a slap in the wrist.

  11. Anonymous

    Ridiculous that he was only fined &5000 and allowed to own animals again??? He should get jail time and to never ever be allowed to own animals again!!!

  12. Laura

    I can’t begin to understand why he’d be allowed to own any more animals… It is incredibly disappointing how little is being done when it comes to animal cruelty.. $5000 is nothing compared to the damage he could do to other dogs as he is still allowed to own 3 animals legally… Not to mention some well deserved jail time. It makes absolutely no sense how this “punishment” could ever be fair..

  13. Vivien Tarkirk-Smith

    I agree with others: $5,000 is too little and a ban of over 3 dogs is ridiculous. This man should go to jail and never be allowed to own any animal in future. Only jail will make any impression on people like this. Judges are too soft on animal cruelty.

  14. Manel

    Why is he still allowed to and can own 3 dogs in the future.??? I am totally outraged & infiuriated to hear such lenient punishment given to a wicked man such as this one. This man is a cruel, heartless, no empathy for defenceless animals and such a evil man is still allowed to own innocent animals? This scumbag must be put behind bars for at least 5 years. The fine should have been each dog a Thousand dollars. These voiceless animals are being deprived their freedom and quality lives and has violated the Animals rights. For such cruelty to innocent animals NO PUNISHMENT BAD ENOUGH. This man deserve lengthy sentences & Banned for life time owning any animals again.
    —”Make the Injustice Visible”— Mahatma Gandhi—
    —-”There are NO acceptable resons for abuse or cruelty to any living being None”
    —A.D. Williams—

  15. Carrie

    Just want to send out a huge thank you to all the people who helped rescue these dogs and gave them loving homes.

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