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Get covered: the benefits of pet health insurance

Petsecure Pet Health Insurance is proud to be 100% Canadian-owned and operated. As Canada’s oldest and largest pet insurance provider, since 1989 Petsecure has led the market place in providing Canadian pet parents with innovative coverage to meet the diverse needs of their pets. As a proud supporter of Calgary Humane, Petsecure provides a 6 week trial insurance plan for all CHS adopters. For every activated voucher that is converted to a full Petsecure pet insurance policy, a donation is made to the Calgary Humane Society!

Why do you need pet health insurance?

Whether you’re an experienced pet parent or you’re welcoming a dog or cat into your family for the first time, you’re probably anticipating the cost of regular vet visits to ensure your newly-adopted pet stays healthy and happy. What you may not be planning for, however, is the cost of unexpected medical treatment due to accident or illness.

That’s where pet health insurance comes in. Because pet health insurance reduces costs of veterinary care, it’s easier for families to provide adequate care and allows them to make the decisions they want. Hard decisions shouldn’t and won’t come down to money in the event of an accident or illness.

By selecting a pet health insurance plan that suits your family’s needs, you’ll be able to lower the financial burden of unplanned-for pet accidents and illnesses and  give yourself peace of mind. Pet insurance makes your veterinary bill more affordable when your pet needs medical treatment and it means you’ll never be stuck making an impossible decision between your pet’s health and your family’s finances.

Find out which plan would be best suited for your pet family today!

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